In this mini course, you'll get access to my exclusive 3 Key Tips to a Perfect Wax!


I'm sharing this with you because I've seen too many Estheticians struggle with soft wax!


I never want you to be guessing what went wrong if you've ever experienced your clients complaining of bruising, lifting, or missed hair. If you're struggling with your speed, getting a clean removal, or if your clients are just not coming back, then you're going to want to sign up for this completely FREE training where I give you my 3 keys tips to get a perfect wax every single time!

When I first started, I never had a mentor to help me troubleshoot. 


I'm here for you!


I'm going to break it all down, giving you the knowledge, the techniques and the tools you'll need to provide a thorough service so that your clients are happy and loyal to you.

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I switched career paths, moved to a new city after college, and got fired from my first Esthetics job. I worked through the first 7 years of my career with no mentorship, and made a lot of mistakes along the way. At 25 I bought and flipped my first house with my husband, and by 26 I started my own business, all while my husband was still in university! Within 2 years I hired and scaled my business to have my first baby, and within 5 years I grew my business to a team of 7, just 1 month before welcoming my second baby. I'm here - not just to show you how to perfect your sugaring technique, but how to run a successful sugaring business. 

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