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Are you curious about the benefits of sugaring?

Are you looking for a more gentle approach to hair removal?

Are you committed to reducing your environmental impact?

Are you prepared to to offer your clients a superior level of service?

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In this course, you'll find everything you need to know to run a successful sugaring business!


I'm sharing this with you because I've done all the trial and error!  

I never want you to be guessing and worrying about how to approach your first Brazilian sugaring appointment on your schedule, or what you're going to do 5 years down the road when you're burnt out and still broke!

I know that these are the smartest, most efficient, most effective ways to get the job done because I've made the mistakes and had the successes that brought me here - sharing this information with you!


I'm sharing everything...

This course is going to break it all down, giving you the knowledge, the techniques and the tools you'll need to build the business that you and I both know that you're capable of.

I'm ready!

"My first Brazilian took me an hour and a half and I got stuck constantly. I hated Brazilians. Now they take me 20 minutes max - all thanks to Meaghan."



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I switched career paths, moved to a new city after college, and got fired from my first Esthetics job. I worked through the first 7 years of my career with no mentorship, and made a lot of mistakes along the way. At 25 I bought and flipped my first house with my husband, and by 26 I started my own business, all while my husband was still in university! Within 2 years I hired and scaled my business to have my first baby, and within 5 years I grew my business to a team of 7, just 1 month before welcoming my second baby. I'm here - not just to show you how to perfect your sugaring technique, but how to run a successful sugaring business. 


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