Are you looking to prioritize self care?

Our monthly Virtual Skin Membership offers personalized skin care delivered right to your home.  Each month your facial box will contain everything you need for a luxurious in home treatment.

If you don't have a spa close by, haven't found an esthetician/spa that you like or you simply love Eminence but there isn't an Eminence spa in your town, then let us bring it to you.

Take an hour for yourself!

Are you a single parent or have little ones at home?  Are you too busy taking care of everyone else to make time for yourself? Do you have a demanding job and just want to go home and relax after a busy week?

If your schedule doesn't allow you to book facial appointments, you can do this on your own time.  Don't have the mental capacity for at home facials? Just turn on the video, watch and follow along; no thinking required.

Your certified skin coach is here for you!

If you are struggling with skin problems and feel like you don't have support - let me be your certified skin coach. 

Are you too embarrassed or uncomfortable to go to a spa or have social anxiety stops you from getting out of the house? I'm here for you from the comfort of your own home. 

Have you become a product junkie "trying everything" without any guidance of what's good and what's not? Reach out with your questions, don't put your trust in advertisements and marketing gimmicks. Whatever skin concerns you have, we can develop a plan and work on it together.


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Give the gift of self care!

Do you have someone in your life that is difficult to buy for?
Is someone you care about too busy to take time for themselves?
Choose a Virtual Skin Membership for your loved one!  
Available in 30 day, 3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Memberships.
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It's so nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Meaghan! I got into the skincare business because I suffered with acne and it really negatively affected my self esteem growing up. I wanted to learn how to treat my own skin and help others along the way. I started out in the fitness industry and always believed that there was a strong correlation between the two industries - that spa treatments were more than just "fluff & buff". I began my mission to shift the narrative that "facials are a luxury". I believe that facials are, and should be part of your self care and wellness routines every month. I grew an amazing clientele of people who shared that belief, but, as I got busier in my life and in my career I began to think "how can I help more people create these rituals in their lives?" Virtual treatments were born out of necessity during Covid lockdowns, so I got the idea to take the base premises we used for our popular "Facial In A Box" during lockdowns and adapted it to our in-spa Skin Membership. Our Skin Membership, I like to tell people, is like a gym membership for your skin. Except you pay your monthly fee and then all you have to do is book an appointment, show up, sleep for an hour, and wake up glowing!  Much less work than a gym membership ;) The Virtual Skin Membership is like Beach Body for your skin - you can do it from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, and you just watch, and follow along - and you still get the guidance and support of a certified skincare professional!

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